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Dessange Hair Product Review

Thanks to Influenster and Dessange, I got to try the new Dessange Paris Oleo Miracle Replenishing Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil. I’m always excited to try new hair products because my hair is super picky.

I have a habit of giving all potential hair products the sniff test. If I don’t like the way something smells, I most likely won’t use it. Yes, I get weird looks from people at stores. No, I don’t care. 🙂

This line smells good enough to eat.. I’m not even joking! Other than that, it was just not compatible with my hair. I’ve used oil products in the past. For the first day, my hair looks a little greasy. By the second washing, I see the improvement. That wasn’t the case for this line. My hair just got worse. It felt like there was a slick film on it at all times.

Maybe you will have better results than I did. This product just didn’t work for me, but so many other people have raved about it that you might want to still give it a try.. There is a blonde formula available and I’d love to give that a shot. For now, it’s back to my Redken shampoo and conditioner and my Garnier oil treatments.

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