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What I Hope My Mini Will Be Like in 10 Years

Over the weekend, MTV was trying to break the record of the number of people to record memories for a 10-year time capsule. People shared their predictions for what they wanted their lives to be like in a decade.

It got me thinking…

Right now, Mini is in 2nd grade and we are currently planning her 8th birthday party.

In 10 years, she will be a HS Senior and we will be planning her 18th birthday. (Don’t remind her father of this.. He can’t handle thinking of Mini at that age!)

She might have a college picked out already. She might have a summer job lined up or she might already have a job (if she plans on driving, she’ll have a job!).

The more I think about her now and think about her in the future, I have several hopes for her..

I hope..


  • that the world doesn’t chew her up and spit her out.
  • her self-esteem remains in tact, just the way it is now.
  • she takes the time to enjoy being young.
  • she laughs every chance she gets.
  • she is able to recognize who her friends are and who she needs to weed out.
  • she is able to understand any and all choices I have made.
  • I have equipped her with the ability to know right from wrong… and she listens.
  • she listens to her head over her heart.
  • she still has a love for learning.
  • she’s still a virgin.
  • she’s happy.
  • her need to make others happy doesn’t cost her any of her own happiness.
  • she knows I love her no matter what.
  • she accomplishes emotionally what it took me 30+ years to realize.

Most of all, I hope I can help her with all of these things.

As a parent, I know that every small thing I do now shapes who Mini will be as an adult. Most likely by the time she is 17, I will be pegged as “lame” but hopefully she gets over that fast 😉

What do you hope for your kids in 10 years? 

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