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Mini Monday – Post 16 – I’m Learning to Sew!

My summer has been pretty slow and kinda boring.</p>

My softball league didn’t happen because they didn’t have enough girls šŸ™

Mom and Dad forgot to sign me up for Summer Camp and all the spots were taken šŸ™

I spent almost every weekend during the month of July at Grandma and Grandpa W’s house though! It’s so much fun going there! I have my own room in their house and their Pomeranian wakes me up in the morning to play with me.

During those weekends, Grandma W was teaching me how to sew!

I’m “sew” excited to share this with you!
Mini Learns to Sew - Tina Bs World
Sewing machines are fun! Photo credit: Grandma W

I figured out how to use the sewing machine pretty quick. It comes with a lot of instructions and papers.

We made our first string bag!

Mini is Learning To Sew - Tina Bs World
Thumbs up! We did it! Photo credit: Grandma W

I can’t wait to go on some more sewing adventures with Grandma! Stay tuned šŸ™‚

See you next time!


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