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Is It Time to Rebrand?

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How do you know when it’s time for a rebrand?

Are you in a funk?

You have customers and sales coming in and your profits were steady, but you’re not growing your email list or excited about creating new products.

Everything kinda just feels ho-hum.

Perhaps it’s time for a rebrand.

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Think of the last time you got a haircut.

You know that feeling you got when you walk out of the salon and your hair looks so good that you can’t stop touching it?

It’s like you have:

  • a new lease on life
  • renewed energy
  • reignited passion for everything again
  • a new sense of determination to tackle your task list

Here are a few key signs it might be time for a rebrand:

your audience has changed

Maybe when you originally started, you had a passion for building and designing websites for corporations. 

You loved that challenge, but then accidentally stumbled on your new passion: helping moms DIY their own business websites. 

So your target market changed, but you don’t adjust your branding or marketing to reflect the changes.

The result? Your business no longer represents what you do. 

It’s hard to feel excited to work when there’s such a disconnecting gap between what you love to do and who you want to serve.

you have more experience & know-how

Have your core offerings changed? It’s definitely time to rebrand!

Did you start your website a decade ago when you were a fresh-faced newb?

Yes, you might have loved serving that audience and still be passionate about helping them, but now you have experience. You’ve learned new things and that will be reflected in the way your share your expertise and serve your customers. 

It’s time for your site to reflect your newer, more valuable experience (and make sure your customers pay you accordingly).

your core offers have changed

Is your core offer just not what you thought it would be?

Let’s say you specialize in copywriting, but people are constantly asking you about your sales funnels and if you can help them with theirs. 

Think it might be time to rebrand?

Yes, you might love teaching about copywriting, but your audience has noticed how valuable your advice about funnels is.

Does that mean you completely cross copywriting off your service list?

No, but it’s best to focus on what clients really want from you: sales funnel help.

Significant Life Changes

Let’s say you run a business focused on romantic relationships and marriage.

After a bitter divorce, you no longer have the energy/patience/desire to be in the relationship industry.

Guess what? It’s time for a rebrand! 

Some businesses are “lifestyle businesses”, meaning they are closely tied to your lifestyle. If you go through significant life changes, it will affect your business as well. 

Example: a stay-at-home mom with an audience of SAHMs will probably opt for a rebrand when she has an empty nest. 

A rebrand can be a great opportunity to evaluate your brand (and life, in some cases), then decide what you want to be known for.

How wonderful and exciting!

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