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My Word For 2017

When is a word not a word?

When it signals a lifestyle change.

Frankly stated, I’m not a fan of making resolutions.

In fact, they kinda make me feel like this:


I’m the type of person that feels like an absolute, miserable failure if I can’t or don’t accomplish something I really wanted to. It really starts to affect me. It alerts my anxiety daily and just keeps badgering me.

For 2017, I decided to jump on the “word bandwagon” and pick one. In the past, my anxiety coupled with procrastination has been my biggest hurdle. I decided my word for 2017 is….

Drumroll please….


My Word For 2017 - Tina B's World

I haven’t hit “publish” on some blog posts I’ve had waiting in the wings.

I have a few reviews I have been holding onto, trying to figure out how to word them.

There are PTA events coming up that I am in charge of and need to get to work on right away.

I need to reorganize my desk.

I need to finish reorganizing my den/office.

There are several books I started but never finished.

I’m going to stop letting my mind get the better of my and just DO the things on my to-do and must-do lists. It’s time to get my tuckus in gear and just get it all done.


What’s your word for 2017?

I Don’t Make Resolutions

It is a personal choice, but I decided to stop about two years ago. Every time I make a resolution, things happen that are out of my control and above my reach. It almost feels like I jinx myself.

This year, I have written down several things I would like to do in the next 12 months. Call it a “Yearly Bucket List”, if you will. I’ve decided not to share them until I have them crossed off my list. When I tell people I know about my plans, it seems the first thing they do is criticize and tell me I can’t do it or share all the reasons why they think the goal is unattainable or just plain stupid.

I have made smaller very specific goals for myself in the hope that taking baby steps will help bring about the changes I want to see. I realize this sounds a bit crazy and I feel like I’m talking in code, but this is what I think I need to do to see some action.

I wish you all luck with achieving your goals and following through with your resolutions this year! I hope 2014 is your best year yet!