Mini Monday – Post 17 – My Tribute to Carrie Fisher

Hi, Everyone! In case you didn’t know, Carrie Fisher’s birthday was this past Saturday.

When I watched the trailer for “The Last Jedi”, they had a close-up of Princess Leia (aka General Organa). To me, it is very sad.

I love General Organa. She is a lady that can kick butt. I think she is a great role model.

Last year, I entered a poetry contest at my school. I wrote a poem about Carrie.

I won and got to share my work on a special night in my school district.

Here I am at the podium. My Mom suggested I stand up there before the event to calm my nerves. It worked!

Tina B's World - Mini Monday Post 17 - Tribute to Carrie Fisher
Like my shirt? I got it at Target 🙂

I was very nervous to share my poem, but was proud that I wrote it. My parents were proud of me. Grandma & Grandpa W even came to my reading. It was so exciting to be picked to read it at the Literacy Event.

I spent a lot of time on this and I hope you like it.

Tina B's World - Mini Monday Post 17 - Carrie Fisher Tribute

I love my poem and I miss Carrie so much!

Until next time,


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