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Three Question Thursday – Interview With Photographer Matthew David Parker!

Usually, my Three Question Thursday posts are just me answering three random questions…

Not today!

Today, you get treated to an eight-question interview with Photographer Matthew David Parker!

Tina B's World - Interview with Photographer Matthew-David-Parker
Photo Credit: Mr. Parker’s website

Here we go:  Matthew David Parker’s Thoughts on Photography

1. Do you prefer shooting indoor or outdoor?

Outdoor light is the best source of illumination for my photographs. It provides natural unlimited rays that can be manipulated to bring out some of the best photos. The free and unlimited backgrounds in their natural form birth high levels of creative energy and inspiration.

Natural light is the best lighting – no matter how much you think flod lights and fancy editing can usurp the classic power of the sun, as humans, it’s all about the great outdoors.

2. When you shoot outdoors, do you prefer shooting during the day or at night?

Outdoor lighting is often changing and the perfect time for an outdoor shoot can be difficult to determine. Soft sunlight is always better than the harsh sunlight of the day. Too much light and compromise a perfect moment. Utilizing early morning light at dawn, when the scattering of the sky is at its best, and the intimate light just before the sun dives behind the hills produces less contrast because the soft light adds a warm glow to the scene and adds depth as well as texture to images. Although, some buildings are best captured at night with their lights at their brightest.

3. Name three cities you haven’t shot in yet, but are on your bucket list.

  1. Miami, it’s just got a radiant skyline. It’s imposing and endearing at the same time. These features among others provide a great inspiration for some of the best photographs. It’s like New York at night – you really appreciate it more due to the magnificence of the buildings. Gothic architecture at night really evokes a sense of resonance in I would say, many people.
  2. Washington DC because it’s DC. There’s a subtle but overpowering sense of dominance in the capital. Maybe because that’s where the president lives but the classic roman architecture really speaks to me. The powerful white pillars that jut out and seem like they’ll stretch for miles. Come on, you can’t beat that.
  3. California finally, because it’s a lazy place. You get to take pictures of water sports and the beach. It’s more laid back than New York which is kinda defined by money. But California has this hippie influence that draws you in.

4. Do you have favorite buildings in NYC and Las Vegas?

Funny enough, my favourite buildings in New York are rarely known by people. I’m drawn to not only the raging bull in the financial district but also, to the grimy efficiency of the subway and how every time you hop on it, you’re transported through time.

Las Vegas: (laughs) The Bellagio but mostly because it’s so ostentatious, like it’s really up there in terms of decadence and absolute wealth. And… I might have spent some time on their slot machines.

5. Name three celebrities you would love to do a photo shoot with.

  1. Kanye West. He’s just Kanye and has his own persona, and doesn’t capitulate to societal norms. He’s a fascinating character, and in art, fascination is interesting.
  2.  Jennifer Lawrence because she looks so bubbly so I bet she would be a fun person to shoot.
  3. George Bush. I know, oh the irony, but he’s been out of the public eye for a while and he’s endearing to so many people. I feel people would like to know what jr. is up to.

6. What’s one piece of equipment you pine for and hope to purchase one day?

The new Pro LED Light Table that allows top quality imagery and requires little or no post-production. The lighting will allow me to capture my photographs without the hassle of compiling arrays of light for my subject.

7. Do you use your cell phone to capture photo or video? If so, which make/model have you used?

Yeah, I’ve used the Asus ZenFone 3 which has a camera that has a great zoom and a colour correction sensor. It also has optical image stabilization allowing me to capture steady photographs while I’m on the move.

8. Do you have any advice for an amateur photographer?

Some of the best photos are produced when photographers pays close attention to the rules on the lighting, depth, viewpoint and perspective. Explore all kinds of photography without limiting your creativity.

What a great interview! Thank you so much, Mr. Parker!

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