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Four Helpful Social Media Tips

Are you using social media to develop connections, give your business some exposure or to just share a message/cool pictures? Here are some tips:  #1 If you don’t have a goal in mind, maybe you should! Test which types of posts work best, then develop your strategy from there. #2 Cross-posting is your friend! Share …

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This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase anything with these links, I may receive compensation.  Fonts, Crafts & Graphics.. Oh my! HERE ARE THE CURRENT BUNDLE DEALS FROM CREATIVE FABRICA.. If you’re a graphic designer or just want to spruce up your social media feed or website, these bundles on Creative Fabrica are great …


Three Question Thursday 9.21.17

  #1) What is YouTube? GREAT question! When I was asked this by an older person on my FB page, I wasn’t sure how to respond. They asked what kind of things you can find on there. Everything. Everything? Yup, everything. Music/tv/movie clips, parodies music covers, stupid and pointless pranks. If you’re over 30, think …

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A Disney Show Led To A Discussion About Bullying

*SPOILER ALERT! If you watch the show with your kids and haven’t seen the “Trish gets bullied” episode, read no further!* Sunday night, Mini watched the new episode of Austin & Ally. In the beginning of the episode, the gang (Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez) are in a discussion about the school play, Sleeping Beauty. …

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To Friend or Not to Friend

Friend requests. Any Facebook/social media user, whether avid or periodic, is faced with these at one time or another. Most times, accepting or declining is a no-brainer. Other times? Not so much. The request might sit in the box for days before you make a decision. Why? Well, Facebook has made it abundantly easy to …

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