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Chatterbox: Mabel’s Labels Review

Some of you might be familiar with the House Party website. They give you packs of awesome stuff to throw a party with and you post about it. I have hosted two parties with them. I am a dummy and keep forgetting to take better pics, but I am going to do better. Promise! They …

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Mini Monday – Post 9 – Mars Project

Hello Everyone! I got a perfect score on my project about the planet Mars and I am so happy! Our project was making a brochure about whatever planet we wanted to. I love all the planets and I want to visit them all someday. Mommy and Daddy bought me a book called “Earth & Space” …

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Tina TidBits 8.31.15

I decided to start a new post series. I have a lot of random thoughts and opinions, but not usually enough for an actual post. That’s where this series comes in. That being said, here is my first group of thoughts. Since my last blog was called “Tina’s Tid-Bits”, the title is a send-up to that. …

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The Education “Problem”

NOTE: I’m not looking for an argument here. We are all concerned about these standards. We’re all frustrated: parents, children and educators alike. I’m just sharing my opinions. I respect that not everyone will agree with me and you’re entitled to your opinion on the subject I will discuss.. At the last PTA meeting, our …

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Summer Plans.. and the Tooth Fairy Has Gone Crazy!

Summer is here! Welcome to sunscreen and bug spray season! Time to put away the pants and sweaters then bust out the shorts, capris and tank tops. Time to plan endless parties, get-togethers, BBQs, whatever you call them. Time to take stock in Banana Boat after-sun lotion and Soothe-A-Caine. Time to buy the refills for …

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