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A Pug-tastic Addition!

My PTA responsibilities have had me SWAMPED for the past few weeks, but we have some exciting news…


I love my dogs. They are like my kids. They’re a bit spoiled. Yes, I admit that. You don’t realize just how much you spoil your dogs until you’re explaining your routines to someone else and they just listen with an eyebrow or two raised. Here are a few highlights:

They have their own couch. It’s a futon. It used to be our couch, but since we got the new furniture, it’s their place to sit on when we’re all in the living room. It also keeps the dog hair on our clothes to a minimum.

There is a tent over the dog run. Yes, I have a dog run. Luckily, I have a side door and we put up a fence to keep the dogs from pooping in the yard where everyone steps. The mess is kept to the side yard. The tent? Well, I was kind of tired of my Pugs not going to the bathroom outside when it rained. Or snowed. Or was cloudy. Or was too hot. Or too cold. We put up a tent. Now, there’s no issues.

They have their own bed upstairs. We have three bedrooms and only use two, so the third is like a den/office. Mini’s old toddler bed + Mini’s old crib mattress (crib is her desk now) + detached back of old couch + bean bag chairs that have lost beans + cheap sheets = dog bed. There is plenty of room, even if all of them want to stretch out.

Now that that’s said and done, here is our new addition! Jack is a 9yo Pug, which fits in perfect with Jordan (almost 10) and Cheyenne (almost 9). Eli-Princess will be two in January, but she’s a Hound and not a Pug 🙂

Jack’s family had some emergency circumstances and needed him placed asap, so we gladly opened our doors. He absolutely loves Mini and follows her everywhere. He is slowly learning which pieces of furniture he’s allowed on and where he needs to be.

Jack :)
Jack 🙂
He’s already learned to sit at my feet if he wants a back rub
On the dog couch with Mini, Chey (front) and Jordan (back)
Follows Mini everywhere!
The dog bed upstairs. See? Plenty of room for a Hound and a Pug Grumble!

Well, that’s our good news. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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