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Happy Love Your Pets Day!

We make no secret that we LOVE our pets here :)

We always welcome our visitors’ canine companions as well. The more the merrier!

This is our squad (the very definition of “squad goals” if you ask me!): Eli-Princess just turned 4 and she is the big one in the back. Our Pugs are (from L to R) Jordan (12), Mookie (1), Cheyenne (11), Jack (11) and Koko (9). All have their own unique personalities and quirks. I love that about them.

Love My Pets Day 2017 - Tina B's World

Excuse the mess.. we’re trying to act innocent after ripping apart the cardboard recycling pile :)

I tell everyone to get a dog. Why? 

They make you feel happy when you’re sad. Seriously, they just know when to comfort you.

They are super helpful. I mean, who hasn’t needed their dog to show off a cool trick or two during a lull in conversation when people are over?

They teach responsibility. Mini’s daily chore is letting the dogs out for their afternoon constitutional when she gets home from school. She knows that gets done as soon as she gets home, before she even does her homework. I don’t even have to remind her anymore, which is great.

They’re protective and bark to alert you of potential danger. That car door closed four houses down and you NEED to be notified. Repeatedly. Just in case. Also, your neighbors are having a conversation in their yard. You need to know what’s going on, right? ;)

I absolutely LOVE my pets. I can’t imagine NOT having one, but I totally get that they aren’t for everyone.

For fun, I decided to take this great breed quiz from PuppySpot to see what type of dog would fit our lifestyle. PuppySpot is dedicated to the safety and health of all their puppies for sale, which is shown through their no puppy mill promise.

I have to admit I was a bit nervous because I already have my babies and I think they are a good fit, but maybe my next pup should be something else?

Breed Flowchart_x2 (1)

YAY! I got “The Loyal Companion”, which I think PEFECTLY describes my Puggies and even my Hound. Eli-Princess is pretty mellow, but loves to run around crazy-like and play fetch in the backyard.. Note: by “fetch” I mean she grabs whatever I throw, runs it over to the other part of the yard then leaves it there for ME to go get so I may throw it again. I’m so very well-trained :)

Hope you enjoyed the quiz and I encourage you to paw through the PuppySpot site. Maybe you’ll meet your new bestie over there!

Mini’s First Loss

This week, I had to try a mommy hat on for size: grief counselor. I wasn’t sure exactly when I was going to have to do this, but it happened. By the time I was Mini’s age, I had already seen and been through more than you would believe, but Mini hasn’t experienced a loss yet…

Until two nights ago.

Anyone who knows me knows that my fur-babies are members of my family. I love each and every one of them like they’re my kids.

Sometime between his nightly “Stomp the Yard” rehearsal and our late-night snack, our beloved rabbit, Pet, died. Yes, he is/was “Pet the bunny”.

At first, Mini didn’t believe us. She thought he was sleeping. I gently removed him from his cage and laid him down where Mini could see him. She held and touched him.

Then she started crying. I soon followed.

She would periodically stop, try making jokes then say “I’m gonna cry again” and did. When we calmed her down and she was heading upstairs to get ready for bed, she looked towards the cage and whispered “I love you, Pet”. This sent her running back to my arms, sobbing once again. Again, I calmed her down, but I saw the anguish in her face as she made her way up the stairs to go to bed. She woke up twice throughout the night. Each time she woke me up, cried and went back to sleep.

This morning, we took Pet to Regency Forest Pet Memorial Park. The staff was kind and compassionate. They expressed their sympathy and the intake guy didn’t laugh at me or try to joke when I cried as I handed Pet over to him (even though I probably looked pretty pathetic! ). We received Pet’s ashes in a little green urn as well as a beautiful poem in a sympathy card (you can find it here: “Rainbow Bridge“). The staff at this place makes the process seamless and you can tell they really care about what they do. If you live on Long Island, or in a surrounding area, please check out their services. *Note: I was not paid nor asked to post anything about this place. I am doing this of my own free will.*

As I was discussing the events of the last few days with Mini, she shared her favorite memory of Pet. In Mini’s words: “When Daddy would clean Pet’s cage and I would play with Pet in the bathroom, I would let him chew on Daddy’s towel. He thought it was delicious and never got tired of chewing it.”

Rest In Peace, Pet the Bunny. You will be missed!






Blog Challenge – Topic 10

An Animal

I wrote a great post in May of last year about my obsession with rabbits.. You can find it HERE. Honestly, I don’t know how I can top that, but I’ll try :)

On second thought, maybe I will just post some videos of songs I like with animals in their titles.. In case you’re interestred, I google-searched this for fun and found a list HERE of song titles with animals in it. HAHA! Made me laugh :)


Survivor – “Eye of the Tiger”

George Michael – “Monkey”

Lita Roza – (How Much Is) That Doggie In The Window

Duran Duran – “Hungry Like The Wolf”

Elvis Presley – “Hound Dog”

My fur babies are my fave animals though.. I am putting together another tab on the site with pics of all of them. I have so many great pics that choosing a few has been a hassle. Hopefully I will be able to narrow them down soon :)