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Mini Monday – Post 14 – My New Glasses

I had to get glasses.

I did NOT want them.

I got a paper from the nurse saying I needed them.

I was so upset during my eye exam.

When I sat in the chair and I couldn’t see the letters on the screen, I was upset.

My Mom got her glasses in 4th grade and I am in 4th grade now. My Dad got his glasses in 2nd grade. Mom thought I was going to get glasses last year in 3rd grade, but the eye doctor said no.

I shrugged and was still not happy about getting glasses, but I liked all the pretty frames I was allowed to try on.

I tried on all sorts of colors like green, red, purple, black and even gray. I chose the blue ones.

I think I made the right choice.

Mini Monday - 14 - New Glasses: Tina B's World

 Mini Monday - 14 - New Glasses: Tina B's World

Mom knew how much I was concerned about what the kids at school would think. She very rarely gets on camera, but she took a selfie with me to show me how proud she was of me.

Mini Monday - 14 - New Glasses: Tina B's World

See you next time!


Mini Monday – Post 13 – Make-up Tutorial

Hi, Everyone!

I hope you had a great holiday! Mine was great. I got some cool new toys and got to see a lot of family. We also went to see Rogue One on Christmas Day. It was SO COOL! I loved it!

One thing I like to do when I’m bored is find a make-up palette and paint my face like a canvas. I haven’t learned much about make-up yet. My mom is not very good at it (even she will tell you that) so I kind of just taught myself.

Here is the palette I used. It is from E.l.f.

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

Yay for all the pretty colors!

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

I am taking this very seriously, as you can see!

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

My eyes look pretty here. Just sayin.

First, you need to find your tools.

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

Eyeshadow brush? Check! Professional? No. HAHA they obviously never met me!

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

I don’t know what “primer” is, so I’m going to assume that since this looks like a lip gloss, it goes on your lips at the end.

The one thing Mommy knows about makeup is that you start with a clean base so I had to use a cleanser wipe to clean my face.

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial


Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

*wip wipe* This is serious business.

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

EW! I guess my face WAS dirty! Gross. All clean now :)

Okay, now that my face is clean, it’s time to look for a mirror. I was too lazy to get up to find one, but I see that I can see my reflection in the top part of the palette so I’m going to use that. What could go wrong?

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

This is SO going to work!

I play softball and like to watch baseball. I see some of the players do this so I thought under my eyes would be a good place to start..

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

Once I started, Mommy started to snapchat the rest. You will have to excuse her laughing in them. She could barely contain herself. Remember, this is serious business. ;)

So… here is the finished product.

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

In case you were wondering.. Yes, I AM available for parties!

HAHA! I hope you enjoyed!


Mini Monday – Post 12 – Summer Camp Part 3

My last week of Summer Camp was a great one!

I am going to miss all my new friends and I can’t wait to see them in school next month.

We had a camp Talent Show this week and it was so much fun! I didn’t perform and stayed in the audience.

Now onto my crafts:

We did some scratch art. I made a door knob hanger.

Tina B's World: Mini Monday - Post 12 - Summer Camp Part 3

We also did tie-dye. I had so much fun and these were awesome colors. When I took it out of the bag, I was afraid I would get dye on my hands so I put on some rubber gloves.

Tina B's World: Mini Monday - Post 12 - Summer Camp Part 3

What does THIS fox say? Nothing! He’s made out of paper! HAHA

Tina B's World: Mini Monday - Post 12 - Summer Camp Part 3

This turtle is cute and was a fun project. It’s name is “Netor” (pronounced “nectar”).

Tina B's World: Mini Monday - Post 12 - Summer Camp Part 3

My favorite craft I did all summer was the lanyard. I love doing the box and barrel stitches. I love seeing all the colors and patterns together. It is so pretty,

My least favorite craft was the Pokemon one. I don’t play Pokemon so I don’t know what to do with the craft now. I don’t want to just throw it out because I worked hard on it. I just don’t know what to do.

I did not want camp to end. I would love it to be all summer. Mom says I have a few weeks of nothing to do before school starts. I hope I can go to the beach once or twice!

I hope I have just as much fun next year when I go!

See you next time!


Mini-Monday – Post 11 – Summer Camp Part 2

Hi, Everyone!

There is only one more week left of summer camp and I am really sad about that. I am going to miss all my friends. Softball ends this week too and I am going to miss my friends there too.

I am having the best time at summer camp and I hope I get a chance to come back next year!

Here are some more awesome crafts I’ve been doing:

I keep losing the string for this visor and it kind of looks like a boomerang. Ha ha

Mini-Monday - Post 11 - Summer Camp Part 2

A visor. The string broke off. Oops!

I haven’t done a lot of sand art. It is so much fun and I would love to do it again.

Mini-Monday - Post 11 - Summer Camp Part 2

I love sand art!

I love donuts. I was very happy to paint this.

Mini-Monday - Post 11 - Summer Camp Part 2

Mmmm donut!

I promise I will not let my Mom near this. She is not very good with plants.

Mini-Monday - Post 11 - Summer Camp Part 2

My beautiful flower :)

We don’t play Pokemon Go. I had no idea who this character was until I asked a counselor. My Mom thought it was very funny that I colored him brown. I wish someone had told me what colors he was. Is it ‘he’ or ‘it’?

Mini-Monday - Post 11 - Summer Camp Part 2

Mini-Monday - Post 11 - Summer Camp Part 2

Peek-a-boo? Pikachu!

I hope you enjoyed seeing all of the crafts I have been doing. I will post the last few next week.

I can’t believe my summer is halfway over and summer camp is almost done.

See you next time!


Mini Monday – Post 10 – Summer Camp

Hi, Everyone!

Summer camp started last week and goes for another month. I’m so excited about it. I love it!

I’m having so much fun meeting new kids. Some kids I know from my school and that’s great.

Each day, we do crafts and a lot of running around. We also have to wear certain color shirts to make sure we don’t get lost from our camp group. It’s like a rainbow every week!

We do close to an hour of sports every day. That makes me very tired on softball nights!

Here are some pics of all the awesome crafts I have been doing:

Mini Monday - Post 10 - Summer Camp

Haha big FAN. Get it?

Mini Monday - Post 10 - Summer Camp

My mom sings this “Pinwheel” song when I play with this. She said it was from tv when she was little. It must be very old!

Mini Monday - Post 10 - Summer Camp

My mom loves stained glass windows and sun catchers, but this necklace is MINE!

Mini Monday - Post 10 - Summer Camp

A hot air balloon. GO TEAM U-S-A!

Mini Monday - Post 10 - Summer Camp

This is one of those things you wind up and then pull.. I still can’t get it to make the hummingbird sound!

Mini Monday - Post 10 - Summer Camp

I LOVE making these! Mom has been showing me some different patterns and it is so much fun!

Mini Monday - Post 10 - Summer Camp

Box stitch and brick stitch

Mini Monday - Post 10 - Summer Camp

My rocket. I love Neil Armstrong’s work. I wish I could have met him. I really want to meet Buzz Aldrin someday.

I am having a great time at summer camp! Hope your summer is as fun as mine is!

See you next time!


Mini Monday – Post 9 – Mars Project

Hello Everyone!

I got a perfect score on my project about the planet Mars and I am so happy!

Our project was making a brochure about whatever planet we wanted to. I love all the planets and I want to visit them all someday. Mommy and Daddy bought me a book called “Earth & Space” because I kept taking it out at the school library. I read the book all the time and love it all.

When I came home with the project paper, Mommy read it to see what information I needed then showed me a lot of brochures. I was excited to do one but I was not happy about all the writing.

Mommy made me feel better by telling me I could use her scrapbook markers. I LOVE those markers!!! They are so pretty and they write so nice. I’m not allowed to use them to color but this was a special project.

I came up with the folding design for the brochure and Mommy was very impressed with me! It is folded not normally.


We had to use a scissor to hold it closed!

My awesome folding:


I bet I blew your mind!

The back.. with my 4/4 score!!


It is like a real ad for Mars!

The most writing was done in the unfolded middle. It was just SO MUCH WRITING!!! I had to put all of the facts and information from the assignment paper into it. Mommy let me decorate the fact dividers. That was so much fun!


I really had a fun time doing this project and I hope you had a fun time looking at my pictures and reading about it!

See you next time!


Mini Monday – Post 7 – My Bday Pics: May the 4th Be With You

Mommy Note: We know it is not Monday, but it IS Star Wars Day so Mini Monday comes on a Wednesday this time around. :)

Hi, Everyone!

I am turning 9 next month and I am so excited! This year, I chose to do a football theme for my bday because I like sports and football is fun to watch. Go Giants!

Last year, I had a Star Wars theme bday party. I waited until now to share some pics with you and I hope you enjoy them.

My nails came out awesome! My Mommy showed the lady what symbol I wanted and she did a great job painting it on. 20150613_122833

Mommy found this awesome tutorial on Pinterest and I think the StormTrooper marshmallows came out great! They tasted great too!

Tutorial Link:

We had an awesome StormTrooper cutout for the front yard directing everyone to the back! The dress was from Zulily. The sass is all mine!


I could NOT believe how big this balloon was!!


My birthday banner and the cool nickname my parents and I came up with..


We made lightsabers out of pool noodles.


One of my cakes was Darth Vader’s face.


My other cake was a Yoda in Degoba diorama but it was very hot and the cotton candy was sticking together and melting.

Tutorial Link:

My parents came up with a bunch of cool names for the food and drinks, but we will post that tomorrow in our Revenge of the 5th post.

I had a great time and can’t wait for my party this year!

See you next time!


Mini Monday – Post 6 – When The Wifi Goes Out..

Mommy Note: Yesterday, our wifi was spotty. It worked one minute, then it didn’t the next. Here is how Mini felt about it..

I am not allowed to have my computer or my iPad during the week, unless I need it to look up things for homework. I was very upset that I could not watch my favorite videos. I made my internet a card.

Get Well Soon  Internet

Get Well Soon

I'm sorry you can't reload. I love you.  Love, Davina

I’m sorry you can’t reload. I love you.
Love, Davina

My Mom thought this was hilarious and said I should share.

Next week, we are going to finally post the pics from my birthday party!!

See you next time!


Mini Monday – Post 5 – Mother’s Day

Hey Everyone!

I tried my best to make my Mother’s Day special for Mommy. I think I did a good job!

I left this sign on the bathroom door so Mommy would see it right away. She loved it!


Mommy gave me half a necklace. She said it was because I have a piece of her heart. The little heart is mine and the big one is hers. I love it!


I gave her a plant we started growing in school, but half the buds are dead already. There is a reason Mommy doesn’t have many plants. She just has bad luck with them.

I filled out some questions Mommy found for me.

*Mommy Note: The first one can be found in the Mother’s Day Questionnaire post HERE at Who Arted? and the second one can be found in a Mother’s Day Printables Packet HERE at Mama’s Learning Corner.*



*Mommy Note: “She talks for British Jack”. Jack is our newest Senior Pug. One night, he was bothering Mini and her father, so I made up this tiny British accent and started speaking for him. My “British Jack” impression is Mini’s favorite thing. She laughs hysterically when I do it!*

We had a yummy dinner of Italian chicken and garlic bread with cheese. For dessert, we had gelato and chocolate chip cookies. I thought I was being funny when I licked my finger and touched the biggest cookie on the plate. I cracked up laughing. Mommy picked up the cookie, licked the bottom and handed it to me. I was not happy. That was so gross. She thought it was hilarious.

I hope you enjoyed my Mother’s Day post and your day was fun.

See you next week!


Mini Monday – Post 4 – Star Wars

May The 4th Be With You!

We love Star Wars in our family! We are OBSESSED! I can’t wait for my Star Wars theme party next month!

I decided to do this post about Star Wars and all of my Star Wars things, like toys and stuff. My Mom and Dad probably have more Star Wars shirts than I do. Well, I don’t know about my Dad, but my Mom definitely does!

First up is my R2D2 Bobblehead.. It bounces down and back and forth.

20150503_212214 20150503_212149 20150503_212157

Next are my Star Wars Original and Rebels toys. Some haven’t been opened yet. I will get to play with them on my birthday because they are going to be used for my party.



I get the LEGO Club magazine in the mail and I love when they do Star Wars editions! I found the Science Experiment book at my school’s Book Fair. The sticker book was from TRU, I think.



I just made this over the weekend at TRU. They had a special Star Wars event and I got to pose with a Storm Trooper! It is called the ‘Wookie Ship”, I think. I also found plushies of Ezra and the Inquisitor.

20150503_212622 20150503_212632



This is a large “Darth Tater” that my parents bought a few years ago. Until now, I had no idea it has a mini Darth Tater, a Spud Trooper and an Artoo-Potatoo on the inside.

20150503_212834 20150503_212810

Even our Pugs are in on the Star Wars action. We bought them all Yoda ears and Chey had Princess Leia ears as well. We found these awesome harnesses at Petco!

20150503_215011 20150503_215101

Now, we move on to clothes. As I said, my Mom had a bunch of Star Wars shirts and we couldn’t find them all. This one belongs to my Dad (he was actually wearing it today). It looks old..


Here are two of my shirts and my favorite pair of shorts..

20150503_214806 20150503_213105

Lastly, this is the shirt I am wearing to school for Star Wars Day..


Well, that’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed my Star Wars things.

See you next week!