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Mini Monday – Post 15 – One of the Chosen Ones

Hello, everyone!

Yes, I am one of the chosen ones!

My school district has a reading and writing expo. It’s pretty new. They showcase the student’s artwork and writings.

There is a Poetry Cafe and the students can read their poems aloud.


That’s right! I get to share my poem with lots of people!

My poem is a tribute poem to Carrie Fisher. Princess Leia is one of my favorite superheroes.

My Mom will do a post later this week that will include my poem. I asked her not to share it with anyone until after the expo.

Well, that’s all I have to say. As my Mom always says, “YAY ME!”

See you next time!


Mini Monday – Post 14 – My New Glasses

I had to get glasses.

I did NOT want them.

I got a paper from the nurse saying I needed them.

I was so upset during my eye exam.

When I sat in the chair and I couldn’t see the letters on the screen, I was upset.

My Mom got her glasses in 4th grade and I am in 4th grade now. My Dad got his glasses in 2nd grade. Mom thought I was going to get glasses last year in 3rd grade, but the eye doctor said no.

I shrugged and was still not happy about getting glasses, but I liked all the pretty frames I was allowed to try on.

I tried on all sorts of colors like green, red, purple, black and even gray. I chose the blue ones.

I think I made the right choice.

Mini Monday - 14 - New Glasses: Tina B's World

 Mini Monday - 14 - New Glasses: Tina B's World

Mom knew how much I was concerned about what the kids at school would think. She very rarely gets on camera, but she took a selfie with me to show me how proud she was of me.

Mini Monday - 14 - New Glasses: Tina B's World

See you next time!


Mini Monday – Post 13 – Make-up Tutorial

Hi, Everyone!

I hope you had a great holiday! Mine was great. I got some cool new toys and got to see a lot of family. We also went to see Rogue One on Christmas Day. It was SO COOL! I loved it!

One thing I like to do when I’m bored is find a make-up palette and paint my face like a canvas. I haven’t learned much about make-up yet. My mom is not very good at it (even she will tell you that) so I kind of just taught myself.

Here is the palette I used. It is from E.l.f.

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

Yay for all the pretty colors!

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

I am taking this very seriously, as you can see!

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

My eyes look pretty here. Just sayin.

First, you need to find your tools.

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

Eyeshadow brush? Check! Professional? No. HAHA they obviously never met me!

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

I don’t know what “primer” is, so I’m going to assume that since this looks like a lip gloss, it goes on your lips at the end.

The one thing Mommy knows about makeup is that you start with a clean base so I had to use a cleanser wipe to clean my face.

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial


Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

*wip wipe* This is serious business.

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

EW! I guess my face WAS dirty! Gross. All clean now :)

Okay, now that my face is clean, it’s time to look for a mirror. I was too lazy to get up to find one, but I see that I can see my reflection in the top part of the palette so I’m going to use that. What could go wrong?

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

This is SO going to work!

I play softball and like to watch baseball. I see some of the players do this so I thought under my eyes would be a good place to start..

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

Once I started, Mommy started to snapchat the rest. You will have to excuse her laughing in them. She could barely contain herself. Remember, this is serious business. ;)

So… here is the finished product.

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

In case you were wondering.. Yes, I AM available for parties!

HAHA! I hope you enjoyed!


Mini Monday – Post 12 – Summer Camp Part 3

My last week of Summer Camp was a great one!

I am going to miss all my new friends and I can’t wait to see them in school next month.

We had a camp Talent Show this week and it was so much fun! I didn’t perform and stayed in the audience.

Now onto my crafts:

We did some scratch art. I made a door knob hanger.

Tina B's World: Mini Monday - Post 12 - Summer Camp Part 3

We also did tie-dye. I had so much fun and these were awesome colors. When I took it out of the bag, I was afraid I would get dye on my hands so I put on some rubber gloves.

Tina B's World: Mini Monday - Post 12 - Summer Camp Part 3

What does THIS fox say? Nothing! He’s made out of paper! HAHA

Tina B's World: Mini Monday - Post 12 - Summer Camp Part 3

This turtle is cute and was a fun project. It’s name is “Netor” (pronounced “nectar”).

Tina B's World: Mini Monday - Post 12 - Summer Camp Part 3

My favorite craft I did all summer was the lanyard. I love doing the box and barrel stitches. I love seeing all the colors and patterns together. It is so pretty,

My least favorite craft was the Pokemon one. I don’t play Pokemon so I don’t know what to do with the craft now. I don’t want to just throw it out because I worked hard on it. I just don’t know what to do.

I did not want camp to end. I would love it to be all summer. Mom says I have a few weeks of nothing to do before school starts. I hope I can go to the beach once or twice!

I hope I have just as much fun next year when I go!

See you next time!


Mini-Monday – Post 11 – Summer Camp Part 2

Hi, Everyone!

There is only one more week left of summer camp and I am really sad about that. I am going to miss all my friends. Softball ends this week too and I am going to miss my friends there too.

I am having the best time at summer camp and I hope I get a chance to come back next year!

Here are some more awesome crafts I’ve been doing:

I keep losing the string for this visor and it kind of looks like a boomerang. Ha ha

Mini-Monday - Post 11 - Summer Camp Part 2

A visor. The string broke off. Oops!

I haven’t done a lot of sand art. It is so much fun and I would love to do it again.

Mini-Monday - Post 11 - Summer Camp Part 2

I love sand art!

I love donuts. I was very happy to paint this.

Mini-Monday - Post 11 - Summer Camp Part 2

Mmmm donut!

I promise I will not let my Mom near this. She is not very good with plants.

Mini-Monday - Post 11 - Summer Camp Part 2

My beautiful flower :)

We don’t play Pokemon Go. I had no idea who this character was until I asked a counselor. My Mom thought it was very funny that I colored him brown. I wish someone had told me what colors he was. Is it ‘he’ or ‘it’?

Mini-Monday - Post 11 - Summer Camp Part 2

Mini-Monday - Post 11 - Summer Camp Part 2

Peek-a-boo? Pikachu!

I hope you enjoyed seeing all of the crafts I have been doing. I will post the last few next week.

I can’t believe my summer is halfway over and summer camp is almost done.

See you next time!


Mini Monday – Post 10 – Summer Camp

Hi, Everyone!

Summer camp started last week and goes for another month. I’m so excited about it. I love it!

I’m having so much fun meeting new kids. Some kids I know from my school and that’s great.

Each day, we do crafts and a lot of running around. We also have to wear certain color shirts to make sure we don’t get lost from our camp group. It’s like a rainbow every week!

We do close to an hour of sports every day. That makes me very tired on softball nights!

Here are some pics of all the awesome crafts I have been doing:

Mini Monday - Post 10 - Summer Camp

Haha big FAN. Get it?

Mini Monday - Post 10 - Summer Camp

My mom sings this “Pinwheel” song when I play with this. She said it was from tv when she was little. It must be very old!

Mini Monday - Post 10 - Summer Camp

My mom loves stained glass windows and sun catchers, but this necklace is MINE!

Mini Monday - Post 10 - Summer Camp

A hot air balloon. GO TEAM U-S-A!

Mini Monday - Post 10 - Summer Camp

This is one of those things you wind up and then pull.. I still can’t get it to make the hummingbird sound!

Mini Monday - Post 10 - Summer Camp

I LOVE making these! Mom has been showing me some different patterns and it is so much fun!

Mini Monday - Post 10 - Summer Camp

Box stitch and brick stitch

Mini Monday - Post 10 - Summer Camp

My rocket. I love Neil Armstrong’s work. I wish I could have met him. I really want to meet Buzz Aldrin someday.

I am having a great time at summer camp! Hope your summer is as fun as mine is!

See you next time!


Mini Monday – Post 9 – Mars Project

Hello Everyone!

I got a perfect score on my project about the planet Mars and I am so happy!

Our project was making a brochure about whatever planet we wanted to. I love all the planets and I want to visit them all someday. Mommy and Daddy bought me a book called “Earth & Space” because I kept taking it out at the school library. I read the book all the time and love it all.

When I came home with the project paper, Mommy read it to see what information I needed then showed me a lot of brochures. I was excited to do one but I was not happy about all the writing.

Mommy made me feel better by telling me I could use her scrapbook markers. I LOVE those markers!!! They are so pretty and they write so nice. I’m not allowed to use them to color but this was a special project.

I came up with the folding design for the brochure and Mommy was very impressed with me! It is folded not normally.


We had to use a scissor to hold it closed!

My awesome folding:


I bet I blew your mind!

The back.. with my 4/4 score!!


It is like a real ad for Mars!

The most writing was done in the unfolded middle. It was just SO MUCH WRITING!!! I had to put all of the facts and information from the assignment paper into it. Mommy let me decorate the fact dividers. That was so much fun!


I really had a fun time doing this project and I hope you had a fun time looking at my pictures and reading about it!

See you next time!


Mini Monday – Post 7 – My Bday Pics: May the 4th Be With You

Mommy Note: We know it is not Monday, but it IS Star Wars Day so Mini Monday comes on a Wednesday this time around. :)

Hi, Everyone!

I am turning 9 next month and I am so excited! This year, I chose to do a football theme for my bday because I like sports and football is fun to watch. Go Giants!

Last year, I had a Star Wars theme bday party. I waited until now to share some pics with you and I hope you enjoy them.

My nails came out awesome! My Mommy showed the lady what symbol I wanted and she did a great job painting it on. 20150613_122833

Mommy found this awesome tutorial on Pinterest and I think the StormTrooper marshmallows came out great! They tasted great too!

Tutorial Link:

We had an awesome StormTrooper cutout for the front yard directing everyone to the back! The dress was from Zulily. The sass is all mine!


I could NOT believe how big this balloon was!!


My birthday banner and the cool nickname my parents and I came up with..


We made lightsabers out of pool noodles.


One of my cakes was Darth Vader’s face.


My other cake was a Yoda in Degoba diorama but it was very hot and the cotton candy was sticking together and melting.

Tutorial Link:

My parents came up with a bunch of cool names for the food and drinks, but we will post that tomorrow in our Revenge of the 5th post.

I had a great time and can’t wait for my party this year!

See you next time!


Mini Monday – Post 6 – When The Wifi Goes Out..

Mommy Note: Yesterday, our wifi was spotty. It worked one minute, then it didn’t the next. Here is how Mini felt about it..

I am not allowed to have my computer or my iPad during the week, unless I need it to look up things for homework. I was very upset that I could not watch my favorite videos. I made my internet a card.

Get Well Soon  Internet

Get Well Soon

I'm sorry you can't reload. I love you.  Love, Davina

I’m sorry you can’t reload. I love you.
Love, Davina

My Mom thought this was hilarious and said I should share.

Next week, we are going to finally post the pics from my birthday party!!

See you next time!


Mini Monday – Post 5 – Mother’s Day

Hey Everyone!

I tried my best to make my Mother’s Day special for Mommy. I think I did a good job!

I left this sign on the bathroom door so Mommy would see it right away. She loved it!


Mommy gave me half a necklace. She said it was because I have a piece of her heart. The little heart is mine and the big one is hers. I love it!


I gave her a plant we started growing in school, but half the buds are dead already. There is a reason Mommy doesn’t have many plants. She just has bad luck with them.

I filled out some questions Mommy found for me.

*Mommy Note: The first one can be found in the Mother’s Day Questionnaire post HERE at Who Arted? and the second one can be found in a Mother’s Day Printables Packet HERE at Mama’s Learning Corner.*



*Mommy Note: “She talks for British Jack”. Jack is our newest Senior Pug. One night, he was bothering Mini and her father, so I made up this tiny British accent and started speaking for him. My “British Jack” impression is Mini’s favorite thing. She laughs hysterically when I do it!*

We had a yummy dinner of Italian chicken and garlic bread with cheese. For dessert, we had gelato and chocolate chip cookies. I thought I was being funny when I licked my finger and touched the biggest cookie on the plate. I cracked up laughing. Mommy picked up the cookie, licked the bottom and handed it to me. I was not happy. That was so gross. She thought it was hilarious.

I hope you enjoyed my Mother’s Day post and your day was fun.

See you next week!